Welcome at „Gasthaus Domschitz“, an inn
with charme and flair in the center of Oberpullendorf.

Our guests appreciate our home-style cooking,
pannonian dishes and our kept rustically interior.

We are glad to welcome you.


A Home for feasting!

“Gasthaus Domschitz”  offers ideal requirements for any sort of feastings.


Family celebration (birthday, marriage, baptism, confirmation, anniversary, obseguy), corporate event, class reunion, club meeting, company outing, christmas party, suckling pig roast


Catering & Eventplaning Services:

„Gasthaus Domschitz“ can meet all your catering needs. Let our experienced staff personalize a menu to fit your taste buds and budget.


We offer special menus for all your needs:

Holiday parties, retirement parties, award and recognition events, open houses, breakfast meetings, dinners.


Buses and groups are welcome. Please reserve your group excursion.



Gasthaus Domschitz
Main-Street 10, A-7350 Oberpullendorf

Email: gasthaus.domschitz@aon.at

Telephone: +43(0)2612 - 42228 or +43(0)664 - 39 35 767


Opening Hours:
MO – DO: 8:00 – 18:00
FR: 8:00 – 21:00
SA: 9:00 – 21:00

SU: 9:00 – 15:00




Liver dumpling soup
Semolina dumpling soup
Soup with pancakes stripes
Pannonian garlic cream soup with croutons
Deer cream soup

Schnitzel specialities

Viennese schnitzel with salad
"Styrian" schnitzel with salad
"Parisian" schnitzel with rice
"Surschnitzel" with salad
"Piquant Letschoschnitzel" with baked potatoes
"Zigeunerschnitzel" with parsley potatoes

Turkey, pork & chicken
Chicken-Breast-Stripes with salad, grilled or baked
Turkey Viennese schnitzel with salad
Half fried chicken with salad
Cordon bleu with french fries
Farmer-Cordon bleu with baked potatoes

Good traditional fare
Bakonyer-Pan with dumplings
(Pork- and Turkeylockets, Bacon-, mushroom- and paprikasauce)
"Bourgogne-Style" roasted red deer with apple-croquettes and ligonberry
Fried beef and onion in gravy with potatoes
Pork fillet in peppersauce with croquettes
and cranberries/peaches
"Fiaker" goulash garnished
Pork liver roasted with potatoes or
Pork liver baked with salad

Fish meals
Plaice baked with potato-salad
Zander baked with parsley potatoes and salad
Zander grilled with parsley potatoes and vegetable-mix

Grill specialities
Mixed grill with french fries and vegetables
Garlic-Cutlet with french fries and vegetables

For two persons
Oberpullendorfer Schnitzel-Tower

Vegetarian dishes
Vegetarian-Mix with potatoes and vegetables, sauce Tartare
zucchini, champignons, onion rings)
Spaetzle noodels and scrambled eggs with salad
Tiroler cheese-dumplings (with) bacon and salad
Baked cheese with lingonberries and salad

Brownie with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake with whipped cream
1 Piece Jam-Pancake